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C-Teezy Man

Carl “Teezy Man” Henry offers a new sound reflecting his reality growing up in the gritty streets of New Orleans, LA. The youngest of 3 boys, Teezy Man, heavily influenced by older brother and label mate 9ine, picked up a pen at the early age of 9. His love and appreciation for rap music eventually led him to writing and reciting rhymes. He commanded the respect of the older guys’ free styling in his neighborhood, and became known as a force to be reckoned with.

Trish Nars

Teezy Man recognized his talent and began to hone his genius competing and winning several poetry and rap contests throughout the New Orleans area as early as age 10. He always had a fascination with the state of Black people and Black consciousness, studying activist such as Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. Teezy Man attended Northwestern State University for a year before he decided that college wasn’t for him. He decided to focus his energy on developing his craft.

Teezy Man finds inspiration ranging from Tupac to Snoop Dogg and many other artists. These artists have influenced Teezy Man into creating his own unique style. He has performed with artists such as 9ine, Joe Kane, Big Theo and D-Bag; moreover, he has also worked with producer Moo Real. Teezy Man currently is preparing to release what’s sure to be an underground classic, “The Breakthrough” a mix tape slated for release this summer. He is also working on the finishing touches to his debut album “The Lecture”.

Teezy Man is taking the industry by storm and his efforts aren’t going unnoticed. He wants to make music that will inspire others and send out positive messages and truth to the Hip Hop community at large. His lyrical content, stage presence and sheer delivery provide Teezy Man's surefire ammunition!

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