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Looni Flow Crazy

Looni Flow Crazy

De’vaughn “Looni Flow Crazy” Cain Born on May 15, 1994, hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. Spending his younger years in the uptown area the 3rd ward Calliope projects to be specific he gained a bevy of knowledge which would help hone his m.c. skills. Devastated by Hurricane Katrina he and his family were forced to move to Houston, Tx where he developed an even stronger love and passion for music. In 2012 he released his first mixtape entitled “Before the Fame” which created a huge buzz in the H-Town streets. Wanting to build on that success he then dropped his second mixtape “ The Prototype.” Influenced by artist like “Lil Wayne”, “Drake”, “Big Sean”, and “Nas” to name a few. With a unique style, uncompromising lyrics, and a determination that's unmatched, “Loonie Flow Crazy” is definitely bound for greatness!!

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Looni Flow Crazy Looni Flow Crazy Looni Flow Crazy Looni Flow Crazy
Looni Flow Crazy Sitting on the Couch Looni Flow Crazy Selfie Looni Flow Crazy - Black n White Looni Flow Crazy - Multi Colors


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