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Moo Real

A native of New Orleans, Marvin “Moo Real” Henry, Jr. was born into a musically talented family. He received his musical calling at the tender age of 5 when he began singing with his family in the church choir. They were part of a very popular gospel group “The Chapman Family Singers” in the greater New Orleans area, and it was during this time that he was encouraged to sharpen his musical skills. Moo Real's interest primarily lied in the actual process of making music as opposed to performance. His knowledge to learn more about instruments and melody led him to join his high school’s marching band. With his God given talents, he naturally excelled in his craft. With his hard work and determination, Moo Real landed a musical scholarship to Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. After attending Jackson State for a year, he decided to take some time off to figure out what it was that he really wanted out of life.

Moo Real

In 2002, being heavily influenced by all of the unique music styling’s found in New Orleans,
Moo Real decided to focus his efforts on music production. His beats became so hot, that he was approached by members of the New Orleans based rap group, the Sqad, (once signed with Lil’ Wayne), to produce a track for their project. This definitely gave him the exposure that he was looking for. Nevertheless, as soon as his career began to take off, New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina. He and his family were displaced to Dallas, Texas where he currently resides. Although he was hit with the tragedy of losing his worldly possessions, he never was discouraged and allowed his faith to carry him through his difficult times.

Upon moving to Dallas, Moo Real began to hook up with other producers and artists and started making a name for himself in the local Dallas music scene. To date, Moo Real has produced for various artists such as 9ine, Sookase the Rebel, Nutt the Kid and many more. Most recently, you can hear his production on 5 of the tracks on the highly anticipated debut album “Almost Perfect” by Shake Em Up Records artist 9ine. 

Having a true appreciation for different music genres, Moo Real is not limited to just producing rap music. He has produced an entire gospel CD for the Chapman Family Singers. Furthermore, he produces R & B, jazz and pop. A “jack of all trades”, Moo Real is in it for the long run. “I am just happy to be doing music, but not just any music, my music. Hopefully people will feel the message I am trying to bring. I can only be real, because that is all I know.” 

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