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In a smoldering industry where the major decision makers perpetuate violence and many artists are not allowed creative control over their work, change was almost inevitable. In an effort to be a voice for the “underdog rapper”, Edwinn Henry(CEO) , Owen Lakey Sr. (CFO), and Owen Lakey Jr, (President) decided to start their own record label entitled, Shake Em Up Records, LLC in 2011. 

Although headquartered in Houston, Texas Shake Em Up Records is heavily influenced by New Orleans culture. Similar to a great pot of gumbo, Shake Em Records offers a diverse roster of artists as well as musical styles. More specifically, these styles range from abstract to political, the new innovative blues hop, hardcore and many more. 

Current artists on the roster include: 9ine, V.I.T., Lonni Flow Crazy, Romeo Cruz, Trish Nars, Clas A Poet, Teezy Man and producer Moo Real. Each act brings his unique flavor to the table aiding in pushing Shake Em Up Records to the forefront of the music industry. 

Shake Em Up Records has had many accomplishments in 2012, most noticeably having their break out artist 9inefeatured in the February 2012 edition of XXL Magazine, as well as in XXL’s Future of Music Mixtape. Moreover, 9ine’s highly anticipated debut LP, “Almost Perfect” is slated for release Summer 2012. 

With a team of ambitious artists, drive, and motivation, Shake Em Records is sure to be a household name! 

Artists Showing XXL Magazine

2012 Was a Big Year at Shake Em Up Records

We had many accomplishments in 2012. Most noticeably, our breakout artist 9ine was featured in the February 2012 edition of XXL Magazine, as well as in XXL's Future of Music Mixtape. Moreover, 9ine's highly anticipated debut LP, Almost Perfect, was released in the late spring of 2012.

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Thomas Lakey, Jr. and Edwinn Henry
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